Are colleges losing their luster?

There’s a trend in higher education that the mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about. Colleges may be starting to die.

Here is some proof. Last spring there were 2.4 million less kids going to college than there were in 2011. Political analyst Brendan Steinhauser says part of it is college is simply too expensive for parents.

“They are getting tired of sending their money to colleges that promote those ideas. They also see that their kids can do better often by going to a trade school and picking up a skill,” Steinhauser explained.

More kids are in fact going into job-prep education. And the other factor is colleges and their extreme liberalism, which Steinhauser says better change if colleges are going to stay alive.

“If more and more people pass on college that means professors can’t make these inflated salaries for only working a few hours a week. Once it hits them in their pocket books they will be forced to change,” Steinhauser said.

As for that 2.4 million number we mentioned a moment ago; represents a decrease of 12 percent.

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