What are the most important issues to you?

As Texans head to the polls this Primary Day, the most important issues to them may not be what you would think.

If you watch cable news networks like CNN and MSNBC, it seems to be all Russia all the time. But a new poll from USA Today and Suffolk University says the most important issue to Republicans is immigration.

“Immigration has been the number one issue amongst Republican primary voters throughout Texas this primary season. It is on top of their minds,” explained Houston Republican strategist Jessica Colon.

Colon tells KTRH she hasn't heard a lot of questions about Russia from voters during the campaign, and the poll says less than 1% of you thought it was the most important issue in this cycle.

“There has not been one comment on Russia that I have heard amongst the thousands of voters that all of my clients are talking to,” Colon stated.

And the issue of Russian meddling doesn’t even seem to be that important to Democratic voters, who told the poll the most important issue for them was gun control.

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