Well over a thousand Texans lost their lives to flu related deaths since last October.  And don’t throw away that bottle of Purell yet!

According to Dr. Robert Atmar of Baylor College of Medicine Professor and member of the Vaccine Research Center, the Flu Season can last into April.  So – what can you do to keep from getting the flu now that we’re not bathing in Clorox?  Atmar says to get a flu shot if you haven’t already. It covers Strain B and that’s what Gulf Coast hospitals and doctors offices are seeing now.

“The flu shot will help you avoid the flu, and if you should get it you’ll have a milder case.” 

You might think this will make you good for the next flu season as well --- but he says no.

“One of the characteristics of the flu virus is that it constantly mutating so that new strains evolved and cause infections in people.”

So what about next flu season?

“Just last week the FDA announced  the strain that will go into next year’s vaccine.”

And so it goes…

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