Early Voting in Texas Primary Ends Friday

Early voting ends Friday evening for next week's primary election in Texas.

As seen across the state, Democratic primary voters in Harris County so far have outnumbered Republicans, helped in large part by more competitive races on the ballot.

“Going back to the last governor cycle in 2014, Republicans are pretty mirroring that turnout while the Democrat Party has almost three times the turnout,” says Clerk Stan Stanart.

“As of Thursday, the Democratic Party had 59,000 and Republicans had 57,000,” he says.  “But Democrats do have a lot more candidates and a lot more activity on their ballot than they had four years ago.”

Stanart warns if you're waiting for next Tuesday, better double-check where you vote online at www.harrisvotes.com.

“About half will be voting in a different location because in primaries the parties choose their locations to best serve their constituents, so they're not in the same normal location.”

Early voting ends at 7pm Friday.  Polls are open 7am-7pm Tuesday.

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