Data Suggests Facebook Suppresses Conservatives

Web analytics suggest that the new algorithm driving your Facebook news feed is suppressing conservative posts.

Critics note that ever since Facebook tweaked the algorithm that decided what you see or don't see, President Trump's social-media engagement with the online community has dropped almost in half.

For example, NewWhip says Facebook engagement with Trump dropped 45 percent within the first month of the change.

Critics say the shift came after pressure on Facebook from liberal employees and the mainstream media after trump won the presidency.

Geoffrey Dickens of the Media Research Center sees liberal bias in Silicon Valley social media outlets – and agrees that social media giants are effectively shutting out conservative viewpoints.

Facebook says the change was to emphasize posts from “friends, family and groups” and fewer from "businesses, brands and media.It also says it will promote "broadly trusted" news sources – but Dickens tells Newsradio 740 KTRH he’s leery of that claim, suggesting it’s the eye of the beholder – in Facebook’s case, he says, a liberal one – as to what constitutes a "broadly trusted" source of news.

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