Some Tips to avoid an Audit

You don't want to be audited but lots of us are each year and there are some factors that make it more likely. CPAs say the biggest factor is your income -- the IRS targets the biggest earners -- for obvious reasons.

Houston CPA Wes Middleton at Middleton, Raines and Zapata says if you make more than 250 grand, be prepared for an audit.

"That's the best place to deploy the resources is the top two percent of wage owners; that's gonna get you, statistically, the greatest return for the money."

Middleton says the other big audit flag is not reporting income. You may not know everything the IRS considers income, but if you got any kind of income form, the IRS got it too -- and your return had better match up.

"The IRS is getting the same exact information and if their system shows the income you can rest assured you're going to get a friendly letter from our Treasury Department."

Middleton says you can't do much about the other biggest audit trigger -- wealth. But don't try to report little or no income -- the IRS will see that as fishy.

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