More businesses specialize in scanning social media for threats

After almost every school shooting we hear about the shooter and what that person was posting on social media before he acted. This is all leading to an industry that is growing in popularity.

That industry is policing social media accounts where software is used to go through social media posts and automatically flagging suspicious words and threats. Kami Huyse of Zoetica Media tells KTRH it makes sense.

“There is a fear of all different kinds of issues on campuses that school officials are powerless to stop without information,” Huyse said.

But she also says this is no magic solution to the problem that exists.

“It is not going to be the way to find anything. But I think we always look for the silver bullet rather than realizing that we are facing a complex problem. Social media is only part of the picture,” Huyse explained.

We checked with some of the local school districts to see if they use these programs. Klein ISD does not use a monitoring service but has set up keyword alerts. Katy ISD tells KTRH they are "investigating different options."

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