POLL: Legislation to fund metal detectors in schools

U.S. Representative Kay Granger of Fort Worth is introducing legislation to provide funding for metal detectors in schools. The legislation would provide 500 million in federal grants for metal detectors and would pay for them over the next 10 years. The Republican said she was impacted after hearing from students who survived the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

“Putting metal detectors in the school is a first step. But, a lot of the schools can’t afford that. This can be done quickly. Set up a grant program,” said Granger. “We want the top of the line metal detectors. Not some that sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.”

Granger told KTVT-CBS in Dallas/Ft. Worth schools would have to submit a plan to apply for a federal grant that includes permanently locking some outside doors and a monitor must be present.

“Most schools have police officers in the school, or they have them assigned to the school, they are available,” said Granger.

She said they find money for the military, defense, borders and coast, they can “put in money for the safety of our schools, our kids."

Granger is a grandmother and former school teacher and doesn't support teachers carrying firearms in schools.

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