Midterm campaigns could slow down gun debate

The upcoming midterm elections could wind up shutting down the debate over gun rights before it ever really starts.

You do hear Republicans like Texas Senator John Cornyn talking about fixing the background check system.

“Let’s get that done and the House to sign and pass it. Then we can build on that,” Cornyn told reporters about beefing up background checks.

But RNC Committeeman Robin Armstrong says it's the Democrats that will wind up causing nothing to get done on the issue.

“Politics is going to get in the way. Democrats are going to overreach just as they have on the immigration issue. They are asking for so much more,” Armstrong explained.

That could hurt Democrats, who have ten seats in states President Trump won two years ago they need to defend. Armstrong says this issue is a game of political football.

“There are things that we can do, but I think that no one is looking at those things. Political correctness is standing in the way again,” Armstrong stated, adding that the best way to fix the problem is addressing background checks and mental health.

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