Violence Continues in Cancun, Other Mexican Tourist Spots

Cartel violence continues at a popular tourist destination in Mexico, causing some concern for Americans with travel plans over spring break and summer.

Officials in Cancun have already reported 44 Cartel executions during the first 50 days of 2018.  Travel experts are advising clients to rethink where they stay and pre-arrange travel when possible.

“Our job is really to give them suggestions of where to go for their comfort level based on the State Department website,” says Sheilah Benoit, travel counselor at Woodlake Travel.

Benoit says families and spring breakers should heed our government's warnings and advisories.

“I would not be booking in the hotel zone,” she says.  “I'd be booking the areas that are more family-oriented or more all-inclusive resorts where you can enjoy the beauty of the destination with less exploring.”

However, Mexico continues to be a popular destination for Houstonians because of its easy access and number of available flights.

“There are a lot of beautiful places in Mexico and certainly I have a lot of confidence in the way the resorts handle and take very seriously security, so we're looking at those types of properties that we would suggest for our clients.”

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