POLL: Is the U.S. going to move to a multi-party political system?

We heard it in 2016, and we are starting to hear it again. Some are saying that this could be the beginning of the end of our two-party political system.

Republican John Kasich, who ran for President two years ago, told ABC that he has serious questions about the current system.

“We may be beginning to see the end of the two-party system. I am starting to really wonder if we are going to see a multi-party system at some point in the future in this country,” Kasich said.

But Mark Jones, political scientist at Rice, told KTRH he doubts that will happen.

“Never say never, but people have been predicting the demise of the current system for over a hundred years and it’s still alive and well,” Jones explained.

So why won't we see a change?

“The deck is stacked in favor of the two main parties, and these main parties are flexible enough to generally incorporate or swallow any successful third party movement,” Jones stated, adding that the Republicans incorporating the Tea Party movement is an example of this.

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