Left Targets NRAtv

The war launched on the National Rifle Association (NRA) by Democrats and the mainstream media in the wake of the recent Florida school massacre is intensifying. After several major companies announced they were cutting ties with the NRA last week, the group's opponents launched a new effort aimed at pressuring Amazon, Apple and Google to drop NRAtv from their video services. One petition launched on Friday called for Amazon to drop NRAtv from its Amazon Fire platform, while the hasthtag #StopNRAmazon began trending.

The targeting of NRAtv is just the latest in an onslaught by the Left since the Florida school shooting. "I do think that it's an all-out attack on the NRA," says Paul Glasco, host and founder of Legally Armed America, a pro-gun rights group that is not affiliated with the NRA. He tells KTRH that this is a Constitutional issue. "The material that the NRA is trying to disseminate is obviously about the Second Amendment, but trying to silence them is clearly a First Amendment violation," says Glasco.

Critics accuse NRAtv of pushing a pro-gun message, but Glasco points out that the programming goes far beyond political content. "Either they haven't taken the time to actually view NRAtv to see what things like safety programs that are offered, or they do know these things and are being deceitful about the intent of their message," he says.

As for the corporate boycotts of the NRA, so far nearly two dozen companies have ended affiliations with the group, led by Enterprise Holdings, which owns the Enterprise, Alamo and National rental car brands. However, the move has already backfired with Delta Airlines, and Glasco believes that may happen with other companies. "There is not one member of the NRA---of the five million paid members out there---that is suddenly going to stop supporting the NRA because they can't get a cheaper rental car," he says. "They're just going to find somebody else that is not anti-NRA to rent that car from."

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