God more present in entertainment

After years of Game of Thrones and Walking Dead—and the other side of the spectrum with This is Us and Big Bang Theory—are people starved for faith-based entertainment with fresh perspectives?

Last night, CBS premiered the sitcom Living Biblically which follows a man who decides to live his life strictly in accordance with the Bible after his best friend dies and wife becomes pregnant.

Disney Channel has an episode of Andi Mack that's set entirely at a lead character's bar mitzvah.

HBO's Crashing, CBS' Young Sheldon, Fox's The Mick also have tackled topics of church, faith and spirituality in new episodes.

Texas Tech pop culture librarian and professor Rob Weiner said there is a need out there for this.

“In such a violent world that we have right now, with all the mass shootings, all the things that are going on politically in this country and around the world, I think that it provides a comfort to us,” said Wiener. “[It’s] something to believe in beyond ourselves. And, I think people are searching for that…they’re wanting that kind of comfort…and that there’s a need to do this.”

Religion is also a theme in movies this year:

Forever My Girl



God’s Not Dead: A Light in the Darkness

I Can Only Imagine

Paul, Apostle of Christ

Mary Magdalene

Unbroken: Path to Redemption

The Pastor

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