Free News Increasingly Blocked by Paywalls

Free news is getting scarcer.

If you're looking for free news online, you're probably seeing more "paywalls" -- the electronic tollbooths being put up by traditional paywall outlets, particularly newspapers.

Media analysts say: get used to it, in one form or another.

Analyst Rebecca Lieb of Kaleido says news outlets are looking to make up some of the money being lost as circulation drops.

The tougher restrictions with online news content lately are because print publications are stepping up efforts to gain digital subscriptions.

Media watchers alsosay you'll be seeing more and more of the so-called "freemium model," where you get a limited number of free news articles before you have to pay.

As their print circulation crumbles, news outlets are building paywalls -- the emerging frontier to make money from their content.

Lieb tells Newradio 740 KTRH of Kaleido Insights says there's also a blending of traditional print and broadcast media – “and vice versa” -- the better to generate clicks and cash.

Newsradio 740 KTRH’s news remains free on all platforms.

A Media Insight Project survey found that 53 percent of Americans have paid for at least one news subscription. In Europe, two-thirds of people have been an online subscriber.

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