Woman found beaten, bloodied inside Memorial City Mall bathroom

Ashley Hill changed her daily exercise which led to her to Memorial City Mall yesterday morning. She took a restroom break around 8:30AM and what she saw next is a vision that has changed her life forever. Face down in a pool of blood was a woman beaten badly crying for help. According to ABC13 Hill said "She was missing at least one or more teeth, she was bleeding from every side of her head I could see, out of her ears. She was in really bad shape." 

Houston Police says the 31 year old victim was strangled from behind by an unknown man till she fell unconsciously and from the looks of it was kicked repeatedly. Man made a rope from trash bags. Hill said, "It looked like a commercial trash bag liner. She had some consistent marks on her neck that maybe that was used on her. Horrible."

Investigators have not released a description of the suspect.

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