POLL: What would you do to get out of paying taxes?

None of us love filing our taxes, but what some would do to get out of paying their taxes might surprise you as you head back to work today.

According to Offers.com, 20% of you would rather give up internet and social media for a year than pay their taxes, but that wasn't the most popular answer.

“We found that 33% of consumers would rather shave their head than file their taxes this year,” Carson Yarbrough with Offers.com told KTRH.

She also says that how you feel about the new tax reform bill signed into law by President Trump differs on where you live.

“Roughly 22% of Southerners believe the law will lower their tax bill. 22% of people in the Northeast think their taxes will go up,” Yarbrough stated.

Yarbrough says 35% of you will use your tax refund to either pay off debt or put it into savings. And around 20% of us wait until the day before Tax Day or Tax Day itself to file their taxes.

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