What do Texans think about the current state of immigration?

Immigration is always a hot topic here in Texas. A new poll shows exactly what Texans are thinking about where we are currently at when it comes to this hot button issue.

The survey from U-T and the Texas Tribune shows only 30% of Texans think the US admits the right number of legal immigrants. 42% say the number is too high. Only 15% want that number to go up. Bob Price with Breitbart Texas says this doesn't surprise him at all.

“The people who support open borders have conflated legal and illegal immigration for so long that now people are building sentiment against legal immigration,” Price explained.

And a Harvard-Harris poll shows reducing immigration is more important to Republicans than replacing Obamacare or destroying ISIS. Price says this is one reason why President Trump shocked the world in 2016 by winning the Presidency.

“What elected Trump to office was his stand on immigration control and border security. That was the leading issue that brought him to the top of the pack,” Price said.

The only issue more important to Republicans according to this poll was increasing jobs.

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