Mainstream media always in crisis mode

Whenever you turn on the cable news networks you are greeted with graphics that say ‘Breaking News. There’s always a crisis.

Whether it's Russian hacking, North Korea, or the Me Too movement, it seems like we are always in the midst of a major crisis. Dan Gainor at the Media research Center tells KTRH it has become our new normal.

“That’s become the media motto. You see it in absolutely everything,” Gainor explained.

And on top of that we forgot one crisis as soon as another one pops up. For instance no one has been talking about the Rob Porter scandal anymore. But one thing remains the same. Gainor says it's all about the left attacking President Trump.

“This is their attempt to take any event and turn it into an attack on Trump,” Gainor stated.

And Gainor says the major reason we see all this is not that it's the mainstream media driving the narrative. They are actually reacting to what they are seeing on social media sites like Twitter that go into meltdown mode as soon as something happens.

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