Local Job Hunters Seek Opportunity, Not Just Pay

Salary comes first when considering a job offer – the next few criteria for Houston job-seekers might surprise you.

A new survey from Accountemps finds that opportunity for advancement ranks second in Houston, despite the perception among some that people tend to job-hop if they’re looking to move up.

Third is company’s corporate culture and work environment.

In short, Houstonians find career advancement more important versus the national average. Among Americans at large, the most important after pay is vacation time. In Houston, it’s third down the list.

The survey asked Houston workers: “Aside from salary, which one of the following is the most important factor to you when considering a job offer?”

Houston job expert Amber Watts of Accountemps shares the results with Newsradio 740 KTRH.

Here are the responses, in order:

--Career advancement potential : 28 percent.

--Corporate culture/work environment: 26 percent.

--Vacation time/paid time off: 24 percent.

--Work-from-home options: 12 percent.

--Professional development/training: 7 perfect.

--Something else: 3 percent.

Here are some additional findings:

--Workers ages 55 and older are most interested in paid time off.

--Professionals ages 18-34 prefer career advancement potential above all else

--Women say vacation time is most critical – but for men, it’s the corporate culture.

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