Poll: Texans Split on #metoo Movement

The latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll shows Texans are divided on the #metoo movement, but not how you might think.

While more Democrats and women are likely to support the #meyoo movement, only 38 percent of all Texans shared a favorable opinion of it.

“The fact that sexual harassment in itself occurs to women whether or not they're Democrats or Republicans, one would have been forgiven for thinking that this wouldn't necessarily have come out in such a clearly partisan issue in a way the polling showed that it did,” says Dr. Joshua Blank, manager of polling and research for The Texas Politics Project.

“When you think about Texas' political culture, it's sort of a mixture of southern culture, frontier culture and old school parochialism,” he says.  “And when you mix all those things together it tends to produce Democrats who are slightly more conservative than Democrats in the nation as a whole.”

The poll revealed other surprises as well.

“When we asked Texans which group faces the most discrimination in society, almost nobody says women,” says Blank.  “And that remains unchanged in the most recent poll compared to when we've asked this question in the past.”

Blacks, Muslims, Christians and transgender people were the groups Texans most believe are discriminated against.

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