POLL: Multiple threats made against Houston area schools

In the week since the shootings that killed seventeen people in Parkland, Florida, Houston area schools have been confronted with a rash of threats made by students.

At least eleven kids have now been charged in these cases, and Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls calls these terroristic threats.

“It’s a felony because it’s a large group of people that you have threatened. There is a misdemeanor type as well,” Nehls told KTRH News.

HISD Superintendent Richard Carranza says kids should say something if they see something going on.

“It’s your responsibility to your fellow classmates to say something. Report it to an adult so we can follow up on it,” Carranza said.

And Nehls says parents need to be more vigilant, too.

“How many times have you opened up the laptop in their bedroom to see what they are searching and who they are friends with? You need to start getting more involved,” Nehls explained.

In the meantime, Governor Gregg Abbott has ordered the Texas Education Agency to take steps to ensure the safety of all kids at Texas schools.

And both the Spring and Needville ISD's have threatened to suspend kids who 'walk out' in protest of gun violence.

One solution those for gun control won’t agree to

Everyone seems to have an idea as to how to solve the problem of an active shooter at a school. But there is one solution that those who are calling for more gun control refuse to even discuss.

And that would be to arm teachers, as they have done at the Harrold ISD in east Wilbarger County under Superintendent David Thweatt.

“They are approved individually and then undergo extra training that involves accuracy and psychological training,” Thweatt told KTRH.

The Protection of Texas Children Law in 2013 makes this possible. Teachers in the Keene ISD under Superintendent Ricky Stephens also carry to protect kids. Stephens told KTRH there are no negatives, but a lot of misconceptions.

“The thought that every single teacher is running around campus with a gun is not true. It’s a select few,” Stephens said.

And Thweatt points out lawmakers who want more gun control seem hypocritical to him.

“They are fine with being surrounded by bodyguards. They are not okay with our children being protected. I have real trouble with that. We protect our money and banks better than we protect our children,” Thweatt explained.

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