POLL: Most Americans say they’re happy to get their “Crumbs”

In December, democrats told us the world would come to an end if Congress passed President Trump's tax cuts. It did not. In fact, a poll conducted by the Trump-hating New York Times finds a majority of Americans are happy to have received their 'crumbs' -- as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi described the tax cuts.

Heritage Foundation policy analyst Adam Michel says November is far off, but this should help republicans.

"Both a wage increase for Americans through economic growth through the businesses that employ them doing better as well as more money in their paycheck because the government is taking less of it; so it's really a benefit to Americans on two fronts."

But Michel says the GOP should worry about spending; he says the recent two year spending deal and the President's $4-trillion budget proposal may be seen as reckless by many voters.

"The thing that could sour it is how much money is going out the door here in Washington; Washington has a massive spending addiction -- the most recent spending deal solidified that, they raised spending by almost as much as they've cut taxes."

Michel says while democrats claimed the tax cuts would somehow mean doom and gloom, the cuts have been a big win for the middle class.

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