Cruz, Trump come a long way since 2016

During the 2016 Republican primary race, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and then candidate Donald Trump were sworn enemies. The relationship was so bad, Cruz, at the RNC that summer, told people to vote their conscience. But now things are changing.

Now, the Senator, who is running for re-election, talks about how well he gets along with the President. Political scientist Allan Saxe at UT-Arlington told KTRH why that is.

“They may not love each other, but they need each other. President Trump needs Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz needs President Trump,” Saxe explained.

And now that they are 'friends,' Saxe thinks Trump might help Cruz in his campaign.

“I wouldn’t be a bit surprised that if Cruz’ campaign gets tough for him, that he invites Mr. Trump to come out on the campaign trail for him. And I think he would,” Saxe said.

This is not the first time political enemies became political partners... for instance, there's Mitt Romney, who called Trump a “fraud” in 2016. But months later, Romney interviewed to be Secretary of State, and this week Trump endorsed Romney for his run to become the next Senator of Utah.

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