CPAC to Test Conservative Values on Immigration, Guns

Immigration reform and gun rights are likely to be hot topics when the Conservative Political Action Conference hosts its yearly meeting this week.

Maria Espinoza with "The Remembrance Project" is hoping conservatives don't forget their base, or victims of criminal aliens, when it comes to immigration.

“I think the president certainly needs some encouragement and reminding of all the horrific stories the families shared with him during all the times that he spoke with them in private,” she says.

“Millions of people like my father arrived the 'right' way and it's unconscionable to think why our legislators look like they're going to allow illegal aliens to remain in the country and legalize them.”

President Donald Trump says he's open to some kind of amnesty in exchange for funding to build a border wall.  The Cato Institute's David Bier says it's an issue likely to split attendees at CPAC.

“From my perspective it looks like he's getting two things that he's asked for and demanded,” he says.  “I don't see it as a trade off at all for President Trump at least.”

Cal Jillson, political science professor at Southern Methodist University, expects CPAC will be more of a rallying point heading into the midterms.

“Liberals and progressives are more excited at this point than conservatives are and CPAC will want to think about how to turn that around,” says Jillson.

“I think 2018 is shaping up as a Democrat year, but if you're a conservative you've got to fight back and try to be sure that your side is energized.”

Vice President Mike Pence will get things started Thursday morning.  President Trump is scheduled to speak Friday.

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