Are Alexa and Siri influencing your kids?

Alexa, the personal assistant from Amazon, in the past, has had trouble identifying Jesus Christ. Now it looks like this artificial intelligence may be influencing your kids into believing a liberal mindset.

If you don't believe it there are videos are on YouTube where Alexa says there are more than two genders. Conservative columnist Marlene Jaeckel with Breitbart tells KTRH parents should be concerned.

“People that feel strongly about it will object to their kids learning that there are multiple genders,” Jaeckel explained.

She says the problem is kids believe what they hear, especially if the A.I. is being used like a babysitter.

“They form emotional attachments to these things, especially if they are being used to read bedtime stories to kids and if children ask it questions,” Jaeckel explained.

And she says that the main problem is the programming for this A.I. is coming from Silicon Valley, and that and they have shown their bias in the past against conservatives.

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