Texas remains Trump, Cruz Country

Texas Republicans still back President Donald Trump in big numbers, and Senator Ted Cruz remains popular as well amongst the base.

The new survey from UT and the Texas Tribune shows 83% of Texas Republicans still back Trump. Pollster Jim Henson with the Texas Politics Project tells KTRH this is good news for Trump and better news for Texas Republicans running for office.

“This sends a clear signal that if you’re a Republican there’s not going much of a penalty for hugging up and staying close to Donald Trump,” Henson explained.

As for Cruz, 72% of Texas Republicans remain behind the junior Senator, and Henson says that also means good news for Cruz in a possible general election matchup with Beto O'Rourke.

“In a general election in which we expect Republicans to turn out in significantly bigger numbers than Democrats he seems to be in a pretty secure position,” Henson said. 

But while most Texas Republicans back Trump, they also say they wish he would back off from sending as many Tweets as he does.

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