Rocky Mountain high ripped for social toll

It's now been five years since Colorado legalized pot.

It's one thing to decriminalize marijuana, it's an entirely different thing to legalize an industry.

Today's marijuana is not like that of the 60s and's much more dangerous. Smart Approaches to Marijuana's Dr. Kevin Sabett said we're on the verge of creating another tobacco-like industry.

“We don’t want to throw people in prison for pot, but we’re very concerned about 21st Century THC edibles, candies, cookies, things that are attracting kids and we’re extremely concerned about the health and safety of our country,” said Sabett.

Legalization of medical marijuana is a completely separate issue from recreational marijuana. 

He said the whole legalizing marijuana is only about money.

“It’s a new industry, like the tobacco industry of old. But, actually the tobacco industry of today is even getting involved in the marijuana industry. They’re buying up small companies. They’re buying technologies. The alcohol industry has also eyed marijuana,” said Sabett.

He said in the five years since Colorado legalized pot, the homelessness growth rate is among the highest rates in the country. It's reported that Colorado's K-12 schools have had an increase in drug violations, school suspensions for drugs, and more road deaths tied to pot since legalization.

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