What happens if immigration reform fails?

We still have no fix on immigration despite the fact the Senate opened up debate on the issue last week. Some Republicans fear failure will wind up hurting President Trump the most.

And it's Senator Lindsey Graham saying that the Trump Presidency will be most impacted.

“If you continue this attack on everything and everybody we are doomed to fail, and it is President Trump’s Presidency that will be the biggest loser,” Graham explained late last week.

But U-H political scientist Brandon Rottinghaus isn't sure he agrees with Graham.

“Trump’s promises have been in the direction that border security and building the wall are more important than any other issue,” Rottinghaus told KTRH News.

In fact that's exactly what Trump campaigned on. Rottinghaus says the biggest loser would be Congress.

“The failure of immigration reform makes it look like Republican’s can’t govern,” Rottinghaus explained, adding that Democrats need to get something done on this or be seen as not delivering on the promises they have made when it comes to this issue.

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