Some Republicans say they will talk to Democrats about gun policy

After last week’s high school shooting in Florida that killed 17 people, there are Republicans in Washington who now say they will talk to the other side about gun policy.

One of those Republicans is Texas Senator John Cornyn, who says he's willing to talk about this with California Senator Dianne Feinstein. But the other Texas Senator, Ted Cruz, isn't a fan of that.

“Over and over what they say to me in Texas is that gun control is not the answer here,” Cruz told Fox News.

So are these Republicans like Cornyn doing this out of fear of what could happen in the November midterms?

“Short answer, yes,” Political analyst Chris Begala told KTRH News. “Will anything of consequence legislatively pass? The short answer is no.”

Begala tells KTRH talk is good, but too much action could hurt Republicans with their base.

“If they went overboard and introduce legislation that is beyond bump stocks and background checks, I think the answer to that is absolutely,” Begala stated.

But Begala adds that for now, all we are getting is talk.

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