Presidential book from University of St. Thomas professor

In the past 100 years of US Presidents, we’ve had eight Democrats and nine Republicans.

University of St. Thomas professor David Schein’s new book, “The Decline of America: 100 Years of Leadership Failures” focuses on the leadership decisions and ethics of presidents, from Wilson to Obama.

“America clearly won World War I, overwhelming was the major force in World War IIWI, they won the Space Race and we won the Cold War,” said Schein.

We also have a rocketing public sector debt exceeding 20-trillion-dollars.

“I estimate we’re about $100 trillion in debt, a truly daunting figure,” said Schein.

He says we have to get our financial house in order.

While we’ve had some big wins, we’ve had some big fails, too.

A Legacy of Leadership Failures

America has not won a combat war since WWII

160,000 soldiers dead and untold injuries, mental and physical

Billions spent on lost causes

Great Start – Sad End: 

LBJ from Civil Rights Hero to Vietnam War Goat

George H.W. Bush from Desert Storm to Loss to an Unknown

George W. Bush from 9/11 to the Great Recession

Embarrassing Leaders:  

Harding, Clinton, JFK, Nixon and Johnson

The Economy

Coolidge, FDR, Reagan & Obama

He said we can change things and do much better moving forward.

Proposals for Change 

Failure to Control the Deficit is Fatal to America

Reform the Electoral System

Tough, Lean, Elite Military is Crucial

Have a President and a Prime Minister

More Effective Enforcement of Anti-Trust Laws

If we don’t, we'll become another failed empire.

“So I think the public has largely been taxed about as much as they can handle, and I think it’s time for our public sector to really do some budget cut, or belt tightening,” said Schein.

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