Diet with Your Honey to Lose Weight

It helps to have a partner when it comes to losing weight.

Social dieting has been proven to make weight loss more fun and successful.

A new company called Healthy Wage not only helps you work out details with partners, they’ll even pay you to do it.  Founder David Roddenberry says he got the idea from a study on weight loss motivation.

“They had two groups who started the exact same weight management program, and one group

was told they would win money if they were successful if they hit their goal,” he tells KTRH News.

“The folks with the cash incentive in the exact same weight management program were three to five times more successful in losing weight,” Roddenberry says.

So he started a company that offers a cash reward for losing weight, and helps dieters connect with others to enhance their experience with a little competition.  The plans requires participants to put up their own money at the start.

“They put in their own money and decide how many pounds they want to lose over how long.  Our calculator tells us how much we’ll pay them.  They hit their goal and they can end up doubling, tripling or quadrupling their initial investment,” Roddenberry suggests.

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