Texas Psychologist Offers Tips on When to Get Help

A Texas psychologist says there are nine signs that it's time to see a therapist.

"First, seeing a therapist is not a bad thing," says Dr. John Huber, a clinical forensic psychologist. "Most people look forward to seeing their therapist. The question is how do you know when to see a therapist."

He said there are a few ways to tell.

--When things are going well. "This may sound silly, but people with good teeth go and see their dentist every six months," Huber says. "It is a checkup. In mental health checkups are useful as well. It helps you maintain and/or build a relationship with your therapist so when the world crashes in on you, you already have a trusted therapist that knows you and what you look like when things are going well.

--When someone that knows you and cares about you asks you if you are doing allright.

--You are relying on substances to cope.

--You need to drink in order to relax and or go to sleep more often than not.

--You start thinking about death or hurting yourself. "This is a very severe path to be on," Huber says. "Seek out help immediately -- and if the pressure seems too great to resist, call 911 right then.

--You always assume the worst.

--You see yourself taking responsibility for other people's problems. "You are always overwhelmed by trying to help other people cope with their problems," Huber says. "Like when a family member is always calling to talk about what is bothering them and how you need to help them with their depression or relationship.

--You feel helpless when stress hits you -- which is a problem with an "external locus of control."

--Finding yourself trying to meet everyone else's idea of what you should be.

--Noticing that you are feeling just "not yourself."

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