Too many Regulations to fly?

The Trump administration has promised to cut regulations and the Department of Transportation has asked the airline industry what it would like to see cut. The airlines say deregulating will benefit flyers and lower fares.

Gary Kennedy is a former American Airlines attorney and he says cutting some regulations would help.

"The pendulum has swung a little bit too far to certain regulations intended to benefit the consumer but I don't know in all cases that's correct.

Kennedy says some of the rules, like the Tarmac Delay Rule, don't always work as intended.

"The industry could do with a little less regulation or regulations that make a little more sense than some of the ones we have on the books."

Kennedy says while no one wants to spend hours stuck on the tarmac, sometimes that's better than just having the flight cancelled -- to obey the rule.

"If the rule isn't applied properly then airlines may actually say 'I'm going to cancel a flight I might not otherwise cancel because of the risk I might violate the rule.'"

Kennedy says another problem is rules regarding support animals on flights. He says dogs are one thing, but peacocks and other exotic animals can make flights miserable for other passengers.

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