Study Seeks Women Pregnant During Harvey

Did you go through the nightmare of Hurricane Harvey while pregnant?

If so, Johanna Bick, a clinical psychology professor at the University of Houston, would be interested in talking to you.

“They be asked to our website and enroll in our study.  We’d like to hear from them about their experiences through the flood and how it has affected their lives since,” Bick tells KTRH News.

She’s studying women who were pregnant when the storm hit or became pregnant within the six months that followed to better understand the impact of stress on a pregnancy for both the mother and child.

“We know from a lot of animal work that high levels of stress in pregnancy can have an effect on offspring, but it’s less clear how stress affects offspring in humans,” Dr. Bick says.

To learn more or to take part, go to

She is looking for 1,000 participants, who will be asked questions, some selected for additional writing exercises.

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