Houston’s hot primaries

There's a lot going on in the Republican Primaries for voters to decide. Some of the hottest political races of the Texas primaries are right here in Houston.

Political analyst Andy Hogue said there's a lot going on in the Republican Primaries for voters to decide.

“Susanna Dokupil, a well-known name to local Republican stalwart versus Sarah Davis who often stands by Planned Parenthood and policies that favor abortion,” said Hogue.

Davis has said she won't vote for a Democrat for governor, but can't support Governor Abbott. Hogue believes Ernest Bells has a rough road ahead of him.

“Unlike Sarah Davis, he’s gotten a pretty low score on many conservative scorecards; not as low as Sarah Davis, but he being opposed by a well-known name in the pro-life movement, that’s Emily Kebodeaux Cook,” said Hogue.

He said since District 134 went to Hillary Clinton and Wendy Davis by large margins, Abbott is supporting Dokupil.

Hogue added that many of the Congressional races will go to run-offs.

Congressional district 21 has 18 candidates, with Congressman Lamar Smith retiring.

Nine are running for Congressional district 5, to replace Congressman Jeb Hensarling. The Land Commissioners office will be a big "David versus Goliath" type race with incumbent George P Bush against three other Republicans and two Democrats.

“Texas is a rapidly growing state with constantly changing demographics. And, there’s a Trump factor as well, how many voters Trump will bring to the polls who are either for his agenda, or against him,” said Hogue.

There are 215 races on the 2018 Republican and Democratic primary ballots including statewide races and Congressional seats.

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