Gas Price Have Dropped, Temporarily

The cost for a gallon of gas in Houston dropped five cents this past week.

That feels good, though we know it’s short-lived.  Spring is coming.

“Market analysts anticipate prices will start rising in March.  Refineries will go into their maintenance and of course March/April we’ll switch over to summer blend gasoline.  That is typically a little more expensive to produce,” says Daniel Armbruster with Triple A Texas.

The national average this week is $2.55 a gallon.  It’s $2.30 in Houston, which is also the statewide average.  Drivers in Midland are paying the most at $2.54 and Dallas/Ft. Worth is lowest at $2.21.

A quick check at reveals there are still deals to be had in the Bayou City, in some places close to $2 bucks a gallon.

Texas is enjoying lower averages than any other state for the second consecutive week and for the third time this year.

But as sure at the sun will rise within months families will head off for spring and summer vacations and gas prices will rise.

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