IRS Myths dispelled

We're in the middle of tax season and the IRS wants to dispel some popular myths about its operation. For example, you may have heard all refunds will be delayed.

The tax agency's Raphael Tulino says not all but some refunds will be delayed.

"If you take the Earned Income tax credit or the additional child tax credit you will see a delay because, by law, we can't issue those until this week."

Tulino says if you've been told to call the IRS with a tax problem, you've been told wrong.

"The best way to get help -- the best way -- is Try to avoid the phone lines especially this weekend, Presidents Day."

Tulino says the biggest misconception may be that the IRS will call or email you; they will not. That's a scammer.

"The normal correspondence from the agency to a taxpayer is a letter in the mail, not a random, threatening phone call or an uninitiated email showing up in your inbox."

Tulino says resist the urge to call the IRS if you have a problem; he says the phones will be especially jammed this weekend.

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