Hillary Clinton may campaign for democrats this fall

So, you thought you were done with Hillary Clinton, right? Guess again. She could become a key figure in the midterm election campaign.

Word is Hillary could hit the campaign trail on behalf of select Democrats. James Dickey, the Chairman of the Texas Republican Party, tells KTRH that's music to his ears.

“That is fantastic news. I will be glad to send her a list of Democrats for who she ought to stump,” Dickey joked.

Wat kind of influence does she still have? Democratic Strategist Mustafa Tameez says it is up for debate.

“Depending on where the race is in Texas she could certainly be an asset. Running a race in Kingwood is certainly different than running a race in Montrose,” Tameez explained.

But Dickey says Hillary won't help Democrats here.

“They have tried to bring the failed policies of other high spend, high tax states into Texas, and thankfully, Texans won’t have anything to do with it,” Dickey said.

While Hillary may campaign, Bill Clinton will apparently be kept off the trail due to the 'Me Too' movement.

KTRH reached out to the Texas Democratic Party to see if Hillary would be coming to Texas. They didn't respond.

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