Reports: CNN laying off workers due to missing revenue targets

The mainstream media continues to bash President Trump, and this may finally coming back to haunt them.

According to reports, CNN is on the verge of announcing layoffs. The layoffs apparently will impact their digital platforms, but the network has not made its revenue goals, and Michael Johns of the US Tea Party Movement tells KTRH they have alienated viewers and advertisers.

“They have depicted the President in such extremist ways, and as a product of that they have alienated many advertisers,” Johns explained, adding that this is the way CNN has been acting towards Trump for years.

And Johns doesn't think this is the last time you'll see a mainstream media outlet lay people off over this sort of thing.

“What you are going to continue to see is a lot of skepticism toward these outlets that refuse to cover the news objectively,” Johns stated.

And that could lead to less people watching; less people watching leads to lower rating and lost advertising revenue, and that is when people lose jobs.

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