POLL: Trump Infrastructure Plan Gives Flexibility on Tolls

President Trump's infrastructure plan, unveiled this week, could have a major impact on your morning commute.

Part of it would allow states like Texas to turn interstate highways into toll roads. 

"Any of our state highways or any part of our highway system that was built with federal dollars would be allowed to have a toll imposed on it," says Terri Hall with the group "Texans for Toll-Free Highways."

She says former Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison successfully banned the practice of turning highways into toll roads, and the president's plan could tear that apart.

"In Texas, we've clearly drew a line in the sand already with a strong statement by Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick where they clearly stated no more toll roads in Texas."

Hall says allowing tolls on existing highways would be throwing working class voters under the bus.

"Why would you put money in the working class' pocket with the tax cuts only to take out that and them some out of your other pocket through tolls?"

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