Here's How to Channel Your Own Inner Olympian

Winning a gold medal is a life achievement for any premier athlete. But a Texas psychologist says the Olympics are about more than sheer athleticism. There's an X-factor -- one that can help you with your own workout.

There's a lesson we can learn while watching the games from the couch, according to Texas psychologist Dr. John Huber. It's the concentration.

Huber tells Newsradio 740 KTRH that it’s that kind of commitment and focus -- not just fitness -- that makes the difference. Huber says adopting that mindset can help you channel your inner Olympian.

It's that mental motivation that gets Olympians closer to the finish line – get you closer to your fitness goals.

More sports scientists are increasingly convinced that grit, determination, resilience and desire are what separates winners from losers.

Watch Olympic champions carefully, and you'll learn a life lesson, says Huber, who suggests that your train of thought is just as important and your training regimen.

Huber says that same focus can help you with workouts – by going one step further each day.

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