Free Speech is under attack at U.S. Universities

We've heard plenty about lefties at American universities censoring speech they don't like; but at a Texas school it went the other way. The bottom line: free speech seems to be in danger on just about every campus.

Adam Steinbaugh with the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education or 'FIRE' says the free marketplace of ideas is closed in many schools.

"It goes from left to right, up and down, everybody is trying to censor everybody else."

Usually these censorship stories skew left, but Steinbaugh says Texas State-San Marcos shut down an anti-white opinion piece in the school newspaper.

"The student body president stepped in and said 'if you're going to publish articles like this and offend people, we're going to look at your funding.'"

Texas State did not return our call for comment. Steinbaugh says school administration needs to stand up for free speech.

"I think the answer is administrators need to stand up for student rights and when controversy arises they need to say 'no, we're not going to defund the school newspaper' just because they publish something controversial."

Steinbaugh says the entire country should be a "free speech zone."

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