Another White House Staff Resigns

Rob Porter resigned from his position as White House Staff Secretary this week.  Both of his ex-wives reportedly told the FBI about his abuse during their marriages which date back to 2003. A restraining order was filed against him in 20-10.   Many are asking why this has just surfaced.  Houston attorney Christopher Tritico says, “It’s because the allegations put a thorn in the background research being made for Tritico’s security clearance. I have no knowledge that any formal charges were ever brought before Porter.”

We also spoke with Gender Equality Expert Dr. Cortney Baker regarding why she thinks these women are just now talking to the FBI.

“We are currently living in a place and time where women can speak up about such things. They never came forward with the information before because they thought they couldn’t. I’m sure other allegations will surface.”

Porter has denied the allegations. Porter has denied the allegations and blames them on a smear campaign.

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