Analyst: Trump presides over “rape culture administration”

The Rob Porter Scandal has led to even more bashing of President Trump, and this time the left may have taken it too far.

Of course, it was MSNBC that did the bashing, and analyst Anand Giridharadas was the one making the shocking accusation.

“This is a rape culture Presidency, and Donald Trump has become the Commander-in-Chief of American rape culture,” Giridharadas said.

Giridharadas also said that Trumpism is a metaphor for sexual abuse. RNC Committeeman Robin Armstrong told KTRH this talk is typical of the left.

“It’s very disappointing, but it is typical. These Democrats and this analyst hate this President,” Armstrong stated.

Armstrong adds that the left forgets they have enough of their own issues when it comes to the treatment of women.

“Most of these scandals that we see now are based in Hollywood amongst the left and Harvey Weinstein. It’s unfortunate they are stooping to this low,” Armstrong explained.

The Democrats also aren’t even talking about the scandal that forced then-Minnesota Senator Al Franken to resign months ago.

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