Patrick takes aim at moderate Republicans

The Texas primary season is in full swing, and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is coming after moderate Republicans in a really big way.

Patrick took his shots against moderates in a speech late last week at the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

“Some people want to elect a responsible Republican. A responsive Republican is a conservative Republican,” Patrick said during that speech.

SMU Political scientist Cal Jillson tells KTRH this shot is due to some conservative policies not being passed by the legislature last year.

“They want to render mute the moderate wing of the party and move their preferred legislation smoothly through the legislature in 2019,” Jillson explained.

And Jillson says this movement against moderates has been gaining momentum for a while.

“It’s been building since Patrick became Lt. Governor and presiding officer in the Senate,” Jillson stated.

Patrick is facing a primary challenge this cycle from Republican Scott Milder.

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