Goats Are Being Trained As Caddies

Bruce LeGoat has been put in charge of the caddies this year in Oregon at a Silvies Valley Ranch golf course.

He’s a goat.

He was born, raised and trained right on the property, and is now overseeing the training of other goats who will serve as caddies at the seven hole course known as “McVeigh’s Gauntlet.”

Owner Dr. Scott Campbell says he’s taking the golf experience to a new level this year.  The goats are decked out with special backpacks to haul around a few clubs, balls and some beverages.

 For less adventurous golfers, humans will also be available to caddie.

The ranch has actually been working on breeding and developing an “American Range Goat,” since 2012.  They are designed, in part, to graze in rangeland and forests throughout the United States and consume bushy foliage that chokes out grasses and trees.  Unmanaged brushy foliage is feed for wildfires.  Cattle work well, but there are many types of plants cattle can’t eat that goats can, and places cattle can’t go that goats can.  Most importantly, the goats at Silvies Valley Ranch are intended to be the highest quality goat meat produced in the U.S.

The goat caddies are a brilliant form of promotion for the new breed.

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