Facebook testing ‘downvote’ option

Facebook is listening to some of its users who complain they’d like to see a button for comments they don’t like.

The button is a ‘downvote’ button, which gives you the option to say a comment is either offensive, misleading, or off topic. Kami Huyse with Zoetica Media tells KTRH this has been a long time coming.

“It’s an idea that people have been asking for. Whether it’s a good idea or not will depend how well it works,” Huyse explained.

But shouldn't Facebook be more concerned about fake news posts, which they've been saying they are dealing with in the past? Huyse says yes, they should.

“They really do have a huge problem on their hands. They are not equipped to find fake news. They are really relying on users,” Huyse said.

And that doesn't always work. In any event, most of you won't see the new feature in testing. It's being used for only 5% of English speaking users on the Android platform.

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