We're too lazy about Passwords

When you think about computer security you may not think about your TV. But new TVs are computers too and they can make your home network a target.

Houston security consultant Stephen Coty says most of us connect our TVs to Wi-Fi.

"A lot of people tend to use not no password but they tend to use the default password that comes with the device."

Coty says don't use a password, use a pass phrase.

"Take a phrase from the worst movie you ever saw; the hero says 'I'm here to save the day!' -- there's your pass phrase."

Coty says too many of us don't change the router password from the default of admin or something similar. That's a huge mistake.

Coty suggests using a pass phrase associated with something you don't like.

"That's the last thing people are gonna think; they're gonna go to your favorite football team, they're gonna go to your favorite music based on your social media -- so pick something you don't like."

Consumer Reports says its review of security on TVs and streaming boxes like 'Roku' and 'Fire TV' found there's almost no security at all.

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