POLL: Teens reject traditional gender labels

According to a new survey more teens today are rejecting traditional gender labels.

The study, released this week, says 3% of teens identify themselves as transgender or gender fluid. This is a study done in Minnesota that the left is trying to paint as a national trend. Jared Woodfill with the Conservative Republicans of Texas isn't buying it.

“This is a contorted biased poll that is being used to push a very liberal agenda,” Woodfill stated.

But there is another side. Pearland’s Kimberly Shappley is the mother of a transgender daughter, and told KTRH there's a reason the number is what it is.

“People who knew but were afraid because they thought they were the only one, what you’re seeing is that more people are coming out and saying that this is their new normal, that this is who they are,” she explained.

So Shappley believes teens feel more comfortable coming out today than they did years ago.

While the Minnesota study put the number at 3%, a UCLA study last year had that number at 0.7%.

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