Would the rise of Reagan Babies mean a return to optimism?

This week we celebrated the birthday of former President Ronald Reagan. And some think the rise of the ‘Reagan Baby’ generation could also mean the return to American optimism.

That's because those 'Reagan Babies' grew up believing anything was possible, and saw it in action. Gary Polland with the Texas Conservative Review says he misses the Reagan days.

“It was a wonderful era. If people look back to what he brought to politics, it was incredible,” Polland explained.

So what made Reagan the way he was? Polland says it was his optimism.

“Reagan never was really against much of anything. He was for things,” Polland stated.

Polland believes President Trump has some of the Reagan gifts, but doesn’t always see things from the bright side. But, if those Reagan Babies rise up through the ranks as the old guard in Congress moves on, we could see a return to optimism.

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